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Notable People & Places of Gastaine

One Hundred and fifteen people of all ages live in and work from the village. Many are children below the age of 15. There are about 15 farms within a four mile radius of the farm and many more semi-permanent hunting, trapper, and charcoal burner huts along the first few miles of the Thornwood to the south. About forty more adults live in these smallholds and rural areas and are responsible for taxes to and should be protected by Gastaine.

1st Letter Sequence: Ethnicity, B=Bretonnian, I=Imperial, T=Tilean
2nd Letter Sequence: Marriage Status M=Married, U=Unmarried, W=Widowed
3rd Letter Sequence: Languages Spoken: B=Bretonnian, R=Reikspiel, T=Tilean

Notable Persons: These people are in direct service to Lord Hochburgland and as such, reside in and carry on their business from Lord’s tower.

Lady Luanna Arguise-Ciannicci (Nee Armengild) 22 B/U/BR
Drambelly Sandyhill, Halfling Steward, 26 H/U/BR
Eodred Bischoff, Bailiff 27 I/U/R
Sebastian Herzog, Herald 25 I/U/R
Wolfhart Hoch, Contract Soldier 19 I/U/BR
Sgt Horst Pfenning, Hochburg Life Guards, (Died fighting Chaos Revolt 2524)

Foreigners: These four souls are Lady Armengild and her entourage, from the neighboring County of L’Assoine.
Luanna Arguise, Lady Ciannicci (Nee Armengild) 22, B/U/BRT
Drambelly Sandyhill, Steward to Lady Ciannicci 25 H/U/BR
Roland D'Assoine, Bodyguard to Lady Ciannicci, 27 B/U/B
Aiden Pules, Guide and Huntsman of Lady Ciannicci, 23 B/U/B

Village Elders: These three men are consulted on most inter-family matters, such as what fields should lie fallow from year to year and what is an acceptable dowry for a young lady. Their importance is minimal, unless they get their teeth into a problem, at which point they will worry it to death, complaining and carrying on no end.

Johann Siggurdsson, Carpenter 54 I/W/BR
Ernst Ulricsson, Furrier 62 I/WW/R
Carlo Cianio, Peasant 68 T/MWWW/TR
Lars Axelbrand, Smith 52 I/M/W/R

Merchants: These two are the only game in the village when it comes to sales or purchasing goods off-season. Tomas has a sundryhouse carrying most common items. Torbald wears rich furs most of the time and can be found for trades at the LL.

Torbald Ulricsson, fur trader 33 I/M/RB
Tomas Gascone, Merchant trader 41 B/M/BRT

Militiamen: These seven men are the only militia that train regularly in the village. Everyone will come to aid in the defense of the palisade, but these seven along with Hoch are the only persons that would consider taking the field outside the walls. Their old sergeant, Roberto Cianio, was killed in the goblin attack in 2523. Eodred elevated Hoch 2524.

Haldred Schnopf, Sergeant 29 I/U/R
Gunnar Horst, Hunter 27 I/M/R
Ernst Tuefel (Deceased fighting goblins Pflugzeit 2524) aged 26 I/M/R
Karl Siggurdsson, Carpenter 28 I/M/R
Jean-Pierre Tissane, Peasant 37 B/W/BR
Magnus Gastaine, Peasant (Deceased fighting goblins Sigmarzeit 2524) 33 B/M/R
Rikkard Tuefel, Peasant 19 I/U/R
Torst Axlebrand Smith 33 I/M/R
Gunter Axlebrand Smith 30 I/M/R
Otto Axlebrand, Smith 28 I/M/R
Tilzer Pentaleit Smith 34 I/M/R

Artisans: These men and their trades are what truly keep Gastaine on the map and desirable to the rulers of the area. The Langs run the only Inn in the village, which is small by imperial standards but also clean and well lit by any standards. The Axlebrands have only recently come to Gastaine. Phillipe was a bandit who attempted to rob Bischoff while on the Lord’s business.

Karl Siggurdsson, Carpenter 28 I/M/R
Johann Siggurdsson, Carpenter 54 I/W/R
Leydon Longallee, Furrier 20 I/U/R
Ernst Ulricsson, Furrier 62 I/MWW/R
Otto Ulricsson, Furrier 38 I/W/R
Ruprick DeGuise, Miller 30 B/M/BR
Linus Lang, Innkeeper 46 I/MW/R
Fay Lang, Innkeeper 27 I/M/R
Lars Axlebrand Master Smith 52 I/W/R
Torst Axlebrand Smith 33 I/M/R
Gunter Axlebrand Smith 30 I/M/R
Otto Axlebrand, Smith 28 I/M/R
Tilzer Pentaleit Smith 34 I/M/R
Phillipe Dupense, Cooper 33 B/U/BRT

Trappers: Horst and Tilzer are two of the meanest, darkest souls to be found outside a chaos cult. They generally do not linger overmuch in the village itself, only staying within the village palisade every few nights after drinking themselves into a stupor at ‘The Stair’. Most of the other trappers reside full-time in the holdfasts outside the village proper.

Haldred Schnopf, Trapper 29 I/U/R
Gunnar Horst, Trapper 27 I/M/R
Morgan Tilzer, Trapper 22 I/M/R

Woodsmen: These men spend much of their time looking for the best and most accessible trees to cull from the Thornwood. Very few horses or oxen means that each log brought back is a monumental task that is not undertaken lightly. Rinauld is also an initiate of Taal, and is very careful to insure that each tree culled is first given last rites and proper respects.

Hugo Fenning, Scout 33 I/W/R
Conrad Horst, Hunter 30 I/U/R
Durnhelm Weber, Woodsman 29 I/U/R
Dirk Tissane, Woodsman 17 B/U/BR
Rinauld Tissane, Charcoal burner 38 B/W/BR

Women: The women of Gastaine are no more attractive or ugly than those from elsewhere. Greta is Linus’ daughter from his earlier marriage and is quite pretty in a small village way. Lorraine missed her calling as an Initiate of Shallya.

Fay Lang, Innkeeper 27 I/M/R
Greta Lang, Servant 17 I/U/R
Oswalda Gastaine, Camp Follower 23 B/U/BR
Nicole Toulenne, Camp follower 22 B/U/BR
Lianna Cianio, Servant 22 T/M/TR
Lorraine DeGuise, Mid-wife 29 B/M/BR

Drambelly Sandyhill, Halfling Steward 25 H/U/BR

Notable Buildings:

Inn: The sign of two stylized Ls, one lower than the other and crossing the higher one’s foot, leading it to be known to outsiders and the unlettered as the Stair Inn. Owner operators are the Langs. Both Oswalda Gastaine and Nicole Toulenne work there, and both are of negotiable virtue. It has about six private rooms, one of which is much larger than the others.

Mill: This large building has power uptakes for both the gristwork and sawmill, depending on the season. It also maintains storage and seasoning areas for lumber and grain. The Deguises live on the premises as well.

Tanning Huts: A cluster of buildings for drying and curing hides and furs, they often reek of rotting flesh. Imported slat barrels are stacked against the side of the building, as well as cord after cord of wood for smoking the vermin from the raw furs.

Shallyan Shrine: Unmanned, but lovingly maintained, mostly by the women of the village and occasionally visited by traveling priestesses and initiates. The white lady is a finely crafted icon.

The Place of Plenty: An area of inside the Thornwood special to Taal and Rhya, it is a holy place that only dedicants of those gods may be brought to, and then only with the approval of the high priest of Taal. No one who knows who the high priest is will tell a non-dedicant, and it is uncertain whether he lives in the wilds or Gastaine.

The Lord’s Tower: A two story square stone tower built in ages past as a defense for the village with a root cellar and second basement oubliette. The village built a manor in 2524 for Lady Ciannicci, attaching it to the tower. Drambelly, Bischoff, and Wolfhart live in the Tower when the Lady is not present. One of the local women serves as a maid to keep the place tidy and Bischoff from smelling like a stoat.

The Smithy: Built in the fall of 2524 by the people of Gastaine at Bischoff’s direction, the forge was completed by the Axlebrands, who were enticed into coming to the village by several offers made on behalf of Lord Ciannicci by Bischoff.

The Shrine to Sigmar: A small three walled structure backing onto the smithy. An impressive icon of Sigmar within it. Lovingly maintained by the Axelbrand clan, the shrine was dedicated and blessed by Magnus, an anointed priest of Sigmar in early spring of 2525.

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The Laws of Hochburgland

Crimes & Punishments
A list compiled
Lord Ricardo Ciannicci

Part, The First being High Crimes:
These crimes are those which the Lord reserves for his personal judgement and allows no other to oversee or pass judgment upon.

Traitors shall be drawn, disemboweled, quartered and hung, their mouths sown closed after they reveal all accomplices.

Rebels shall be tortured until they confess and point the finger at their confederates Then they shall be punished with as slow and miserable death as can be conceived.

Incitement to Rebellion:
Those that incite rebellion shall be tortured until they confess their crimes and confederates, then put to death by public hanging.

Worship of Dark Gods:
Those worshipping the black gods shall be tortured until they confess their crimes and reveal the other members of the cult, at which point they shall be burned at the stake until dead and their ashes buried in cursed ground.

Murderers shall be hung from the neck until dead. If by poisoning they shall be burned at the stake. Murderers of children shall be torn apart by the lord’s dogs or some other beast as the Lord shall designate.

Arsonist shall be forced to rebuild the damaged structures and then, should any have been killed in the arson, burned at the stake. All their goods will be forfeit to replace those destroyed.

Practicing Magick:
Those practicing magick without the express permission of his Lordship shall be treated as black magisters and worshippers of Dark Gods and burned at the stake as cultists. Even those who are licensed by the so-called empire are subject to this law.

Cannibals shall be torn apart by the Lord’s dogs or other beast of the wild that the Lord Shall designate.

Brigandage, Banditry or Robbery Committed Upon the Lord’s Road Or Against The Lord’s Servants:
The bandit shall hang from the nearest tree until dead, the body to be marked as a brigand and to remain undisturbed. All goods taken are to be given over to the Lord for disbursement to the bandit’s victims. This applies specifically to the Lord’s Heralds or other messengers.

Horse Theft:
The offender will be dragged behind the horse by the ankles until death takes them. If the horse was the property of his Lordship then the thief shall be caged until death from exposure.

Theft of the Lord’s portion of Cows, Sheep or Beast of Burden:
First Offence: a dozen lashes and three days in the stocks for each animal taken, or one season hard labor.
Second Offence: Two dozen lashes and three days in the stocks per animal and a year of hard labor.
Third Offence: Hung by the neck until dead.

Poaching of the Lord’s Portion of Game Animals Not Deer:
First Offence: One day in the stocks.
Second Offence: Three days in the stocks. All goods forfeit
Third Offence: As second offence, at the end of which the poacher is tarred and feathered

Poaching of Deer on the Lord’s Portion:
First Offence: The thief forfeits all property and spends three days in the stocks.
Second Offence: The offender will be sewn in the skin of the deer and slow- cooked over hot coals.

Theft of any of the Lord’s Real Property or Rights:
First Offence: Servitude for 1 year for every schilling of value of the goods, forfeiture of all property
Second Offence: As first offence, but the thief’s hand is removed as well.
Third Offence: As second offence, but both hands are removed and the thief is tarred and feathered

Anyone who is not a citizen of Hochburgland in good standing who attempts to or gains influence or power over good Hochburg citizens and is proven to be working for another prince to the detriment of Hochburgland or its Lord, shall be punished immediately and in whatever fashion the Lord sees fit.

Bearing False Witness in the Lord’s Court:
The punishment at risk for the accused shall be meted on the person bearing false witness.

Failure to Work the Lord’s Portion:
Forfeiture of goods equivalent to the Lord’s portion that was to be worked.

Failure to Raise the Hue & Cry:
Any person on the Lord’s lands that fails to raise the hue and cry on sight of a person known or reasonably ought to have known, to be wanted for one of the crimes listed above, all their worldly goods are forfeit to the Lord.

Part the Second:
Low Crimes & Their Punishments:
A list compiled of those crimes and punishments
that may be tried & The Penalties
that may be applied
The Lord’s Bailiff
Village Reeve
Of The Villages Of Hochburgland
By Order of Lord Ricardo Ciannicci
Baron of Hochburgland

Marriage without License and children of unlicensed marriages:
10p fine if no children born of the union.
1s per child born without documentation of the parent’s marriage.

Common Assault:
10p fine for each blow struck and payment of any healing costs incurred.

Assault Leading to Loss of Limb, Nose, or Eye:
1s per blow and payment of any healing costs

Assault in the House of the Assaulted:
1s per blow and payment of any healing costs and damages

Assault on militiaman or other in the course of raising the Hue and Cry or Enforce the Peace of the Village:
If no blood is drawn: Ten lashes and a day in the public stocks for each blow struck
If blood is drawn: One hundred lashes and branding
If the person is killed: Forfeiture of all goods and abjuration.

Fist Fighting in Public:
5p fine to each participant

False Witness in a Matter Before Court:
1C per lie in addition to the penalty or fine the accused has at risk.

Grand Theft:
First Offence: 5p + Goods or labor equal to the stolen item and anything damaged in the theft
Second Offence: Forfeiture of all goods and abjuration

Inciting a Riot:
5p + the cost/labor equivalent of any repairs

5p per false accusation or baseless attack on the morality or character of another

Cursing (using the gods’ names in vain or using vulgar language) in public:
1p per adult in hearing
5p per child in hearing

Riding a horse trained for war on village roads without license:

Setting one’s dogs on another without cause or in the public thoroughfare:
5p each dog bite, healing costs, and the dog to be killed at the hand of the owner.

Failing to breed one’s stock as directed by Lord’s Bailiff:
1p per animal bred

Failing to plant as directed by Lord’s Bailiff:
1p per acre misplanted

Failure to set aside sufficient stock and foodstuffs for winter:
1p per day that the minimums are not met.

Milling one’s own flour:
5p per pound

Sawing one’s own wood:
5p per trunk

First Offence: Forfeiture of all goods in shipment.
Second Offence: Forfeiture of all goods, abjurement.

Theft of Livestock:
If animals recovered: One lash and one crown for each animal stolen,
If the animals are not recovered: as above, as well as forfeiture of all goods, abjurement.

Display of Public Drunkenness:
First Offence: 5p
Second Offence within a month: 5p and stocks until sober
Third Offence within a month: 5 p and stocks for two days

Failure to Raise the Hue and Cry:
1s per day for minor crimes, 1C for every day for major crimes, levied against each person in the household or building.

Falsely Disturbing the Public Peace with a Hue and Cry:
3p per occasion that the person disturbs the peace with a Hue and Cry without cause.

Part, The Third:
Other Misfortunes
That Shall Result
In Fines
Other Mercies

Horse trampling or injuring a groom:
Horse to be sold outside the village and the proceeds split between lord and trampled or trampled party’s family.

Death by other misadventure:
The object or objects that caused the accidental death shall be sold and the profits given over to be distributed as the Lord or the Lord’s bailiff wills.

Loose Dog or other Animal not Fowl:
The owner must forfeit the animal if on the public thoroughfare, otherwise 1p fine.

Keeping a Vicious Goose:
Owner to forfeit goose to Lord’s representative, who must see the beast slaughtered and the right leg given to the former owner.

Death of household by disease:
Destruction of the household by fire until reduced to ashes.

Stoppage of water:
Damming or otherwise interfering with the flow of water to the village is punishable by fine of 1s per day the water is stopped per farm interfered with.

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Overview of the Powers of The Eastfold:


At a glance:

Principality: The Barony of Blades
Prince: Waldon Du Foret, Borderland Knight
Seat: Blade Tor
Town: Blade Tor
Settlements: Blade Tor, Talonne, Stink Hole, Oudrette, Stink Drop, Caerette, Toutette, Dark Hollow
Fortifications: Dark Hollow
Markets: Blade Tor, Talonne
Mines: Dark Hollow (Silver) Trade Goods: Bows, Crossbows, Hand Weapons, Finished metal goods
At a Glance:
Principality: Blackfen
Prince: Father Nachtmann, Priest of Sigmar
Seat: Blackfen
Town: None
Settlements: Blackfen, Laudette, Beresse,
Fortifications: Blackfen Keep
Markets: None
Mines: None
Trade Goods: Medicinal Plants
At a Glance

Principality: County of L’Assoine
Prince: Border Princes Knight, Jean-Hervee
Seat: L’Assoine
Town: None
Settlements: Eichgart , L’Assoine
Fortifications: L’Assoine, Eichgart
Markets: None
Mines: L’Asssoine (Copper)
Trade Goods: Copper
At a Glance:

Principality: Dwarfholm
Prince: Dwaldrin Zarrikson, Dwarven Guild Master
Seat: Dwarfholm
Town: Dwarfholm
Villages: Red Rock,
Fortifications: Dwarfholm, Beard Keep and Watchtowers
Markets: None
Mines: Dwarfholm (Gemstones)
Trade Goods: Gemstones (cut and uncut), Beer, Guns
The Barony of Hochburgland
At a Glance:
Principality: The Barony of Hochburgland
Prince: Lord Ricardo Ciannicci
Seat: Hochburg
Town: None
Villages: Helm's Drop, Untwald, Apfelbadhof, Black Ditch, Hochburg, Gastaine
Fortifications: Hochburg
Markets: None
Trade Goods: Furs, Finished wooden goods
At a Glance:

Principality: Pontifate of Kreigdorf
Prince: Jurgen Holden
Seat: Kreigdorf
Town: None
Villages: Kreigdorf, Schaferdorf
Fortifications: Kreigdorf
Markets: None
Mines: None
Trade Goods: None
At a Glance

Principality: The Rittermark
Prince: Mathias Freuh
Seat: Esselbad Tor
Town: Esselbad Tor
Settlements: Esselbad Tor,Volkenhafen, Vassenhof, Strelshof, Machmund, Redford
Fortifications: Esselbad Tor, Machmund
Markets: Esselbad Tor
Mines: Esselbad Tor (Clay Quarry)
Trade Goods: Clay, Grapes, Wine, Clothing, Candles, Pottery
At a glance:

Principality: Sandstrong Concern
Prince: Marco Antonello
Seat: Last Drop
Town: None
Villages: Last Drop, Orc Midden
Fortifications: Last Drop, Orc Midden
Markets: Last Drop
Mines: Orc Midden (Iron)
Trade Goods: Iron
At a Glance

Principality: The Southwood Association
Prince: Phillipe Gastonne
Seat: Vateburg
Town: None
Villages: Jaarburg, Garderheim, Vateburg
Fortifications: Vateburg
Markets: None
Mines: None
Trade Goods: None
At a Glance

Principality: Wassermark
Prince: Goswin Abelhart
Seat: Hunter’s Crossing
Town: Hunter’s Crossing
Villages: Sheilgart, Lacelles, Ox Crossing, Eichbad, Gold Hole, Dunwall, Buntbad
Markets: Hunter’s Crossing
Mines: Gold Hole
Trade Goods: Armors, Coal, Handguns, Lead, Leather, Finished metal goods
At a Glance

Principality: Zeibwald Barony
Prince: Karl Orff
Seat: Zeibwald
Town: None
Villages: Hangman’s Post, Zeibwald
Fortifications: Hangman’s Post
Markets: None
Mines: None
Trade Goods: Finished Gold goods

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The Eastfold and Environs

A Brief History of The Eastfold:

Four Thousand Years Ago:
Several Large Meteors strike, creating the Stinkmarsh and atainting the land.
Three Thousand Five Hundred Years Ago:
Dwarves and their works cover the entirety of the Eastfold. An Outpost of Karak-Eight-Peaks, Dwarfholm, is founded, as are a number of Outposts in the lowlands to the West and South.
Three Thousand Three Hundred Years Ago:
Dwarven Citadel crushed by explosive eruption of Mount Ferguz. Greenskins rampage nearly unchecked as the Dwarves fight with the Elves.
Two Thousand Eight Hundred Years Ago:
Khemrian King establishes a city of great wealth at the foot of dormant volcano they call Nehektah. Nehektah is plagued by Chaos cults which seem bent on the destruction of the Kingdom.
Two thousand Four Hundred Years Ago
Sigmar is believed to have rested in the area before moving on to his ascension to Godhood. Many are the villages that claim his passage to this day, but Blackfen Keep is best known outside of the Eastfold, as the claim has persisted longest and even been upheld by several Grand Theogonists.
Two Thousand Three Hundred Years Ago:
Mount Nehektah erupts catastrophically, burying much of the City and breaking the power of its King, even in Undeath. Eruption also creates the Broken and Burnt lands, altering the course of the River Black.
One Thousand Five Hundred Years Ago:
Muzzaf Al’Farrouz, Prince of Araby invades the land and establishes the City of Al-Madimia at the confluence of The Rivers Black and Thornwood. Many Greenskins killed by the hand of Muzzaf. Al-Farrouz’s sons are not as proficient as he, but still manage to hold onto power for some time, though Skaven attacks and Greenskin raids are a constant problem.
One Thousand One Hundred Years ago
(Errantry War of 1449-1465) A Bretonnian army under Jean Paul Sans Pitie sacks Al-Madimia. Jean Paul is a powerful ruler who established a Princedom he calls the Eastfold. Sans Pitie divides the land under his control up amongst his underlings, managing to hold onto much of the territory for two generations before internal dissention rips his Kingdom asunder. Greenskins multiply and finish the entropy begun at the hand of man.
One Thousand to Three Hundred Years Ago:
Dwarfs are alone, fighting Greenskin and Skaven alike. Surviving human villages and outposts all owe their existence to the doughty Dwarfs and their army. The populations of the villages around the lake which would eventually become the Blackfen disappear almost overnight. Castle Blackfen recognized for the first time by a Grand Theogonist.
Three Hundred to One Hundred and Fifty Years Ago:
Re-establishment of order in the Empire and worship of Sigmar leads to several wars of Holy Conquest launched from both Nuln and Altdorf. Greenskins slaughtered in droves by the Templar Armies and the area is re-settled by Men of The Empire. Blackfen affirmed as a powerful religious center for the worship of Sigmar in the region, indeed as the most powerful outside the Empire.
One Hundred Years Ago:
Establishment of the Blackfen Alliance. It is formed in response to increased Greenskin activity and a drawdown in Sigmarite Templars in the area. Initial members are: Dwarfholm, Blackfen, the Barony of Blades, The County of L’Assoine, The Rittermark, and the Wassermark.
Seventy-Eight Years Ago:
Blackfen itself Falls prey to the Neiglish Rot, an incredibly foul and virulent plague that takes most of the populace of Blackfen, gutting that principality from within. Chaos Cults are to blame, primarily the Foetid Breath, which summons a Greater Daemon of Nurgle called Uthglockmorh. Uthglockmorh is said to still infest the land, waiting to unleash further horrors on the Eastfold.
Seventy-Seven Years Ago:
Dwaldrin Snorrikson becomes master of Dwarfholm. Blackfen Alliance begins to push back at the chaos creatures adn palgue that has overrun much of its namesake member state. Shallyan hospital established in Kreigdorf, then a village of the County of L'Assoine.
Seventy-Five Years ago:
The Blackfen Alliance finally shatters the hold of the Daemon Uthglockmorh and the Cult of Foetid Breath on Blackfen’s lands, defeating the Daemon at the Battle of SouthKeep. Blackfen left a broken shadow of itself in the wake of the cult's depredations as well as the plague. Chaos Forces still hold sway over Blackridge Keep and much of the Blackfen is unsafe. Several tiny principalities emerge from the ruins, namely the Zeibwald Barony and the Southwood Association.
Fifty to Forty Four Years Ago:
Barony of Blades and the County of L'Assoine break from the Blackfen Alliance. A short war ensues, with the County of L'assoine being reduced by the Alliance to a mere three villages. With the upsurge in greenskin activity that the humans provoke by fighting amongst themselves, The Blackfen Alliance proves incapable of maintaining rule over the villages wrested from the County and two more tiny principalities emerge in the ensuing chaos: The Pontificate of Kreigdorf and The Barony of Hochburgland.
Twenty Five Years Ago:
Ascent of Supreme Pontiff Jurgen Holden to leadership of Kreigdorf. Barony of Hochburgland takes village of Gastaine at Battle of Thorn Hill.
Twenty Two Years Ago:
Waldon Du Foret takes his father's throne in an orderly ascension, begins making peaceful overtures to nearly all principalities in the area, reversing his father's policies. He has much success driving the greenskins from his lands. Father Nachtmann, an Imperial Priest Of Sigmar, leads a band of adventurers and Templars into Blackridge Keep, destroying a Chaos power there and cleansing the taint from the Keep by burning the entirety.
Seventeen Years Ago:
Father Nachtmann assumes mantle of Lord Templar of Blackfen with a quorum of the Templke Knights and soon makes overtures to his southern neighbors, the Zeibwald Barony and Southwood Association, to form an alliance. Both accept within the year.
Thirteen Years Ago:
The Sandstrong Concern established under Marco Antonello, a Tilean merchant. The iron pulled by his miners from Orc Midden is prized by all the princes in the region as it is marginally stronger for some reason.
Seven to Five Years Ago:
The Rittermark is taken over by "Prince" Mathias Freuh in a bloody-handed coup. The heir to Wassermark is slain, apparantly on accident, during the coup. Wassermark/Rittermark war begins shortly afterward, with several villages and many setllements on both sides destroyed. The low intensity conflict drags the rest of the Blackfen Alliance into the war, though the entire alliance has not taken the field against Freuh as he made careful requests and bribes to The Barony of Blades to deny right of passage to Blackfen, The Southwood Association, and Zeibwald Barony.
Four Years Ago:
The Lord of Wassermark slain at battle of Gunbalhof six years ago, rule assumed by his second in command, Lord Goswin Abelhart. War continues unabated, greenskins begin to flourish without the hand of man to whittle their numbers down.
One Year Ago:
Count Jean-Hervee Trudeau assumes throne of the County of L'Assoine at age of 18. He reaffirms his familial oath of fealty to the Barony Of Blades as his first act. Trudeau does not immiately press Hochburgland for his claim to the Village of Gastaine, instead he begins to negotiate the marriage of his sister-in-law to the current Baron of Hochburgland, Lord Ricardo Ciannicci.
Six Months Ago:
Rittermark launches a fresh offensive against The Wassermark and bottles up Dwarf forces in Dwarfholm Valley. Father Nachtmann calls on both his southern alliance members and neighbors to bring their troops to march through The Barony of Blades with or without Baron Du Foret's permission and aid Wassermark. Both smaller powers refuse, and punitive raids sent out by an enraged Nachtmann are repulsed with losses on both sides.
2523 by the Imperial Calendar: